PC Property Manager has helped me keep better track of my investment records. Having a system designed specifically for investment property records has made it very easy to sort out the financials on my 4 properties

I like the way you have designed the Transaction screen. It is the one I use most of all and it is easy to enter all the receipts and payments and allocate them to correct ledger accounts. I don’t have many properties but this has certainly helped me keep them better organised.

I was surprised that it didn’t take long to enter the properties and tenant details into the system. Once I did that it was straight into entering regular transactions. Very efficient.

Since purchasing PC Property Manager I have been more inclined to keep up-to-date with my accounts. Previously I always tried to find ways of avoiding doing the books each month, but now it is relatively straight forward. I actually don’t mind doing it now and I can easily get reports whenever I want.