Click here to download the upgrader for PC Property Manager v2.1.4g

This is a free upgrade available to registered and demo users.

  • After downloading, double click on the pcpmupgrade file and follow the instructions. The setup files will be extracted and the standard PC Property Manager Setup screen will be launched.
  • Always backup the Data folder before upgrading.
  • If you experience problems please email us.

What type of file am I downloading?

  • pcpmupgrade.exe is an executable, which needs to be manually downloaded. Your computer’s security features won’t allow it to be emailed to you.
  • When you run pcpmupgrade.exe it will launch an Installer which manages the first part of the upgrade and places the PC Property Manager files in the correct locations. You only need to run this program once, then it can be archived or deleted.
  • When you next run PC Property Manager the final step of the upgrade is run, and this is PC Property Manager making internal changes to itself.

Version 2.1.4g is a full release.Please send us your comments and any request any features for future versions.

Download the full installer.

What does the letter at the end of the version number mean?

The reports application version is denoted by a letter at the end of the version number and is visible on the reports in either print or preview formats. It is important to ensure that the version you have matches the version available here.

July ’05: A revised version of the reports (i) is available but is not a critical upgrade.
2.1.4 Upgrade Features

  • Print a receipt from the transaction screen
  • Fixed a defect with the depreciation schedule
  • Exported reports save to the correct location

2.1.3 Upgrade Features

  • Resizeable screens
  • Reports available in 2 formats: the standard reports and browser based html reports.
  • New reports have been added
  • Improved depreciation for properties
  • New Help file

Incomplete Transactions

After the upgrade some users may find there are incomplete transactions on the transaction screens.

These are transactions where PC Property Manager has identified an issue with a transaction and attempted to resolve it. You may be able to delete the transaction or fix the problem but you will need to review the transactions and identify the action which needs to be taken.

The transactions module has been strengthened to prevent these issues recurring.