Trial PC Property Manager

It’s time to see if PC Property Manager is the right property management software for you!

Click here to download PC Property Manager v2

No obligation and fully functional (except that reports are unavailable)

  • After downloading, double click on the pcpmdemo file and follow the instructions. The setup files will be extracted and the standard PC Property Manager Setup screen will be launched.
  • If you experience problems please email us.
  • If you download PC Property Manager and then decide to purchase, you can simply order online (through our secure payment page) or send us your name, email address and payment details and will send you a “keycode” which will register your download and convert PC Property Manager to a fully operational version.
  • If you trial PC Property Manager all your information is preserved when you purchase, no need to reenter anything.
  • If you would prefer to receive a boxed version, with a CD and printed manual, you can order this online by selecting the boxed option at the bottom of the form.
  • You can view the Quick-start and the Manual before deciding to download (they’re included in the free trial): Quickstart, Manual