Using dual screens

A user has reported that when he uses a system with two screens PC Property Manager will only work normally on one of them.

We would be interested in any feedback from other users in this situation.

Adding Ledger Accounts

  • Select Ledger Accounts Ledger Accountson the PC Property Manager Toolbar
  • Select the category that you want to add a ledger account to by clicking on the treeviewer.
  • Click the “New Ledger Account” button and enter in the ledger account name.
    Ledger Account Screen
  • If the account will manage rent payments or refunds then check the “This account manages rent” box. This will require you to select a rent payment when using the new ledger account.

Setting up a Bank Account

A Bank Account can be set up for reconciliation at any point in time – or reconciliations can be left out. The easiest way is to start recording transactions from particular bank statement. Give that statement number, START date, and the opening balance. Then enter the transactions and the bank reconciliations should be nice and simple.

Setting up Chattels

Chattels and Buildings which can be depreciated are entered against a property.

Depreciation can either be started from the purchase date or the start of the current financial year.

There isn’t a huge difference going forward. It may be easier to start with the (approximate) purchase date as you may not have a current chattels valuation.

Help! I can’t enter dates.

The date format when you install PC Property Manager is set to MDY so Christmas Day will be shown as 12-25-2003.

If you are used to another date format, for instance DMY then you will get an invalid date message when entering 25-12-2003. See Changing the date format.

It is recommended that the date settings within PC Property Manager match that of your Windows Operating System.

Changing the date format

PC Property Manager allows you to change the date format through the Options screen.


You can see what the date will look like before saving.

It is recommended that you use the same date format as Windows.

Prior to version 2.1 the Options screen was called Preferences.

What currencies are available?

PC Property Manager supports any decimal based currency. The currency label, ie the $ or � can be set in the terminology section and changed to any label required. This will be used in reports. Only one currency label can be set.

Reports give error 125!

When reports are previewed or printed PC Property Manager uses your default printer settings to determine your preferred paper size.

If you do not have a printer “set as default” PC Property Manager will fail with a “125 error”. You will need to set a default printer.

If you do not have a printer installed or attached to your PC you can set up a virtual printer in the same way that you would set up a real printer.
This printer can then be deleted when you add a real printer.

If this requirement causes problems please let us know and we will work together to find a suitable solution.

Excel reports

The Excel format used when exporting reports is an early version which is compatible with many spreadsheeting programs. If you view the export, make changes and then save you will see the following message:

“filename” is a Microsoft Excel 2.1 Worksheet . Do you want to overwrite it with the latest Excel format?

Press Yes and the spreadsheet will be upgraded.

The screens are slow the first time I open them…

When you first open PC Property Manager and view each of the screens they may be slow to open the first time.

If you return to a screen it will open quickly.