Are the downloaded and boxed software different?

There is no difference between the two options as far as the software is concerned.

With the boxed version you get a CD Rom and printed manual provided in attractive packaging.

The manual and quick start are supplied with the demo and are available from the website.

What files should I be backing up?

All the files which need backing up are stored in a “data” folder inside your PC Property Manager folder.

Typically the path will be C:\Program Files\PC Property Manager\Data.

Add this folder to the list of folders which your regular backup program looks for.

Alternatively use a product like WinZip to create a copy on a single floppy disk or USB memorystick.

The program for PC Property Manager need not be backed up as it will always be freely available from this website.

What version am I running?

You can find the version of PC Property Manager at the bottom of the Help | About PC Property Manager dialog window.

To find the version of reports run a report and note the letter shown after the program version at the top right hand corner of the report. This letter is the version of the reports.

To download the latest version of the programs go to “I want the latest version” in the Installation section.

Config file cannot set the paths!

On starting PC Property Manager I get a message that the config file cannot set the paths!

You have probably been using PC Property Manager for a while but have recently loaded some new software onto your system and now PC Property Manager cannot start up.

The new software may have needed to change your autoexec.bat file. This very very important file will have an entry in it like:


It is likely that a semi-colon is missing (or extra) in the path. You should not try to change this file if you have any doubts about what you are looking at. This is not a PC Property Manager problem and if you are not able to resolve this yourself you should contact your regular PC support service.