Do I have to reenter my data after I purchase?

Any information you enter in PC Property Manager will be retained after purchase so there is no risk attached to giving the software a full trial.

Can I have a test account?

If you want to enter “dummy” transactions simply create a new owner called “Test Owner” or similar, set up a property and a tenancy/lease. You can then enter transactions and “play around” with the program knowing that you aren’t affecting your real data.

On the Owners screen there is an option to opt an owner out of the reports where you print all. It’s a good idea to opt your test owner out!

When does the free trial expire?

The free trial never expires. You can use our software for as long as you need – however the reports will be disabled so you will not be able to print out your information

Can I upgrade my trial software?

Yes! If you have added your name to our mailing list (and confirmed) we will advise you when upgrades are available. From time to time those upgrades will be free. There is no restriction to you upgrading using the free upgrades.

Will I need to download more software when I purchase?

The software you download with the free trial is the same software you use after purchasing PC Property Manager.

When you purchase we give you a keycode and this “unlocks” the software.