What username and keycode should I give?

To access the free trial or demonstration version leave both the username and keycode fields empty. The prompt is there to make it easier for you to enter them after purchase.

My keycode is not valid.

PC Property Manager says I have a demo version and I cannot print but I have entered a keycode.

Your username and keycode must be entered exactly with the upper and lower cases of the letters exactly as printed on the sticker inside the manual.

  • There are no spaces between any of the characters in the keycode.
  • There are eight letters or numbers in the keycode.
  • Common letters to misread are: lower case L’s and one’s (l1); zero’s and upper case o’s (0O).

The keycode is an encryption of the user name you have been issued with.

Please note that version 1 keycodes will not be accepted. A new keycode will be issued when upgrading.

My version 1 keycode doesn’t work

Version 1 users need to contact us to upgrade their keycodes to the new format. Use our contact form to send us an email.

What keycode do I use for the Demo version?

The Demo version should not have a user name or keycode entered. Leave the fields blank and you will be able to open PC Property Manager in demo mode.

How do I change my username?

If you would like the username changed there is a request form on the system settings screen. Fax or post it (or email us your details) and we will happily issue you with a new keycode.