Can I put PC Property Manager on a laptop?

Yes, you can put PC Property Manager onto a laptop.

However, we do not recommend running the software from two different computers. This would involve copy the data folder from PC to laptop regularly and there is a high chance that your information could be accidentally over-ridden.

Our advice is to consider whether it is more likely you will use your laptop or PC most, and stick with that.

Can I put PC Property Manager on a Macintosh?

Mac Users with a Windows Partition or Virtual PC will be able to install and run PC Property Manager on the Partition.

We can\’t offer support on setting this up and recommend you use Google (or any other search engine) and search using the key words “mac+virtual+pc”, or simply click here.

The program won’t open!

This applies only to new installations.

Some systems have a very early version of a file installed with Windows called ComCtl32.ocx. If you believe you need to update this file download an installer by clicking here.

Run the file once downloaded

PC Property Manager should now be ready to use.

I’ve upgraded and now I get errors!

After upgrading when I click on the icons to run PC Property Manager I get this error message:

There is no data folder where PC Property Manager expects: C:\PROGRAM FILES\PC Property Manager\DATA

This error indicates that the original installation of PC Property Manager was to an alternate location.


To identify the correct location for the upgrade go to the icon you normally use to start PC Property Manager. Hold your mouse over the icon and the Location will be shown.

This is the location which should be selected when the installer gets to this screen:

Run the installer again, using the correct location.

Do I have the latest version?

From time to time there may be new versions of the PC Property Manager program, the reports or the help file released. These are not critical updates but will address issues brought to our attention. These are free to download

To check if you have the latest version of the program start PC Property Manager and go to Help | About PC Property Manager.

To check if you have the latest version of the reports preview or print a report and note the letter at the end of the version. This is the reports version.

Now go to the Upgrades Page and see if you need to upgrade.

I have downloaded the demo, what now?

Go to where you have downloaded the file and doubleclick on it. It will start the installation process.

Check your user rights!

Before installing PC Property Manager ensure you are logged into your computer with Administrator or Power User rights.

At least one of the files installed by PC Property Manager must be “registered” with Windows before it can be used. These are common files and may already exist in your system. However, if they need to be added you will need to be logged into your computer with Administrator or Power User rights. If you don’t have the rights the Installation software won’t warn you and PC Property Manager may not work as expected.

How do I check that I have administrative rights on my computer?

At this time, you need to be an administrator to install PC Property Manager.

To see if you are logged on to Windows as an administrator, please follow the steps below:

  1. From your Windows taskbar, click “Start” > “Run.”
  2. Type [ control userpasswords2 ] into the text box and click “OK.”
  3. A User Accounts dialog box will open. If the dialog box has two tabs, you are logged in as an administrator. If the dialog box doesn’t have any tabs and prompts you for a password, you are not logged on as an administrator.

If you’d like to have administrator rights on your computer, please contact your system administrator.